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back until my parents birthday :p Date: May 28th @ 5:48am EDT
I really have to start by saying I missed you guys/girls very much. I enjoyed my time away but WOW did I miss you guys and feel lost without connecting with you guys on a regular basis. I'll be traveling again soon for my parents birthday and then it will be time to focus on being Mr. July. I'm very blessed and thankful. I appreciate my friends and the support that you continue to show me. I will be posting the dates once my father gives me an idea of when we'll be traveling. Looking forward to spending time with you guys this week. See you soon. :)
Recovering Date: Apr 25th @ 6:09pm EDT
Hey guys..I'm very grateful to all who reached out via twitter to check on me after this dental was something I'd put off and it caught up with me.. It's done now and I'm recovering. I have a dry socket so I'm not 100% yet when it comes to pain management but I'm here and I'm happy to be here. I'm grateful for the people I get to spend time with here and I'm sure we'll get through this like we get through everything...
Thank you :) Date: Apr 20th @ 8:06pm EDT
I really appreciate everyone who helped out with the auto win contest..we did great. I'm happy to have such good friends that have become close enough to be seen as family. I thank you from the bottom of my heart for being there for me while I recover from the dental surgery. God bless us and I'm thankful for my blessings.
Not available these dates Date: Apr 17th @ 8:36am EDT
I will out tomorrow because I'm having 2 wisdom teeth removed.. :(
Also, the dates posted after that are travel dates.. I will update this list as we go so you will know for sure when I will be out of town. ;)
Refurishing a house into a home Date: Apr 17th @ 8:30am EDT
I've decided one of the things I want to accomplish over the next three years is to purchase a house as I've already began acquiring tools to make the necessary repairs. My father is a contractor so I grew up around tools and I've gained experience in the professional world as a carpenter. I can hardly wait to build something of my own. I will take so much pride in every nail I hammer. I'm going to feel so much like a man as I build a home for me and my family. To me, a sense of family and community is important. I don't know that I'll ever finish making this place "perfect" but I will enjoy the process up until...
Steve Stories pt 8? Date: Mar 11th @ 7:37am EST
Goals Date: Feb 12th @ 9:38am EST
So, I think I have decided on my strategy for the year of 2017.. I do not want to participate fully in all of the contest. After a decent amount of thought I would truly like to focus on daily wins. The daily contest and spending time with you guys is much more important to me then winning the week long contest. I do want to win big in July as it's my birthday month. I'll be focused and trying my best to continue to give as much of myself as humanly possible.. I love you guys and what we do here at flirt4free so much and I wouldn't trade it for anything.. Very happy to be growing closer and closer to the people that spend time with me in a private room. I'm very used to people being wishy washy in my life so the stability has somewhat restored my faith in the human race... Thanks for the continued support! I'm so grateful and really just blessed.. Lucky. I don't know but I'm happy even when my head tells me I'm not! Ha! My fans have my heart!!
Grattitude and connections Date: Jan 8th @ 6:06am EST
Webcam Celebrity Date: Jan 3rd @ 5:03am EST
Serendipity Date: Nov 28th @ 5:01pm EST
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