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Thank you :) Date: Apr 20th @ 8:06pm EDT
I really appreciate everyone who helped out with the auto win contest..we did great. I'm happy to have such good friends that have become close enough to be seen as family. I thank you from the bottom of my heart for being there for me while I recover from the dental surgery. God bless us and I'm thankful for my blessings.
Not available these dates Date: Apr 17th @ 8:36am EDT
I will out tomorrow because I'm having 2 wisdom teeth removed.. :(
Also, the dates posted after that are travel dates.. I will update this list as we go so you will know for sure when I will be out of town. ;)
Grattitude and connections Date: Jan 8th @ 6:06am EST
Webcam Celebrity Date: Jan 3rd @ 5:03am EST
Serendipity Date: Nov 28th @ 5:01pm EST
Wardrobe Date: Nov 22nd @ 1:40pm EST
New depths Date: Nov 14th @ 3:56pm EST
Growth and Pain Date: Oct 6th @ 1:17am EDT
Reconnect Date: Aug 6th @ 2:47am EDT
Closure Date: Jul 18th @ 3:40am EDT
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